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​Our state of the art formulations are sold around the world so we are used to creating global formulation. The Picostech laboratory team within our R&I department works closely with a group of advisors who collectively has a century’s worth of experience creating breakthrough products.


Nano-stabilization technology
World No.1

World No 1 (Coenzyme Q10, dissolving vitamin C, ceramide etc. water-soluble in nano-scale)

Commercialization Success in Cosmetics (2%, 5%): 2006.  01

Commercialization Success in Food, Pharmaceutical products (5%, 10%): 2006. 2 (two patents)


Nano-emulsion technology

The company holds extensive and excellent Nano Technologies in various products such as State of-the-art Nano Skins,  Nano Lotion, Nano Cream, Nano Eye Cream, Nano Essence and including many others.

white-cosmetic-foam-texture (1).jpg

Slightly Acidic Cleansing Technology with good foaming

World No 2 (after Japan KaO, the second development)

Commercialization Success : 2006. 02

Applied to New Products domestically and internationally : Aug. 2006


Safe and clean cosmetic technology

5 Free(Chemical Fragrance, Color, Alcohol, Paraben, Ethylene Oxide)

7 Free(Dewytree)

Paraben  Free  Sheet Mas : Melting, Biocellulose, Cotton ,Tencel, ETC.


Freeze dry technology

Stem cell culture solution

Collagen, peptide, hyaluronic.


Trouble Skin Care Product 

Original technology: Liposome Tech (Ceramide + Peptide +Herb Extract), Atopy products  included

   pH Balance Cleansing product (pH 5.0-5.9)

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