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PICOSTECH is a company specialized in the production of Cosmetics, OEM, ODM and constantly strives to keep promises with its customers so that the company can fulfill its sincerity towards them.

The company, which prides itself as a provider of world's No.1 Liposome Technology endeavor to realize a beautiful world by providing beauty and health products and technology.
Currently, the company is supplying products to not only domestic but also Singapore, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and so on with its own product developments, and they are getting favorable receptions.
Furthermore, the company is expanding the product supply area to Europe, the United States and Latin America which are home to cosmetics. Due to the growth of overseas markets, I believe that this will pave the way for other Korean Companies to successfully make inroads into foreign markets.
Through an extensive research and development with creative minds, the company will make every effort to be fully equipped with expertise and dedicate itself to customers with sincerity, touching even small and grey area. Also, the company will always remain trustworthy and keep promises with customers. Therefore, PISCOTECH will strive to grow together with its customers and partners to become topnotch companies
all together.


Hyung Jin Kim

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