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Picostech inc. CEO: Kim Hyung jin

1st Factory : 24, Je4sandan 2-ro, Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2nd Factory  : Segyo sandan Ro 68-23, Pyong tak City, Gyung Ki do, South Korea 

Contact by e-mail : picomkt@picostech.com / by Phone : +82- 31 - 625-1809  / fax +82 -031-625-1834

​Our state of the art formulations are sold around the world so we are used to creating global formulation. The Picostech laboratory team within our R&I department works closely with a group of advisors who collectively has a century’s worth of experience creating breakthrough products.


PICOSTECH is manufacturing such multiple products as (Skin) lotion, emulsion, cream, mask, cleansing,
essence, body, makeup for non-children, hair, functional (sunscreen, whitening, anti-wrinkle, multifunctional products.

Water type cosmetic is referred to and named as a skin lotion. As a synonym, there are many other names such as toner, balancing
skin etc. This product is made by solubilizing the water-insoluble substances, As a result, it became thermodynamically stabilized and
shows an appearance of a transparent liquid.
•Development items: Liquid, Cream, Mousse, Spray

The Emulsion has an intermediate nature of lotions and creams, and has less oily substances. Also, it keeps liquidity and supply
moisture, moisturizing agent, and oil which help maintain moisture balance to the skin. Therefore, it overall makes it possible for skin
to maintain its moisturizing property and flexibility.
•Development items: Lotion for women, Lotion for men, Body lotion, Baby lotion, Sun lotion, and Sun tanning

The Cream represents a typical formulation of the cosmetic base (foundation) since it can be blended with very large proportions of
oil, moisturizing agent and moisture. It gives the skin moisture balance by mainly supplying a combination of moisture, moisturizing
agent, and oil. Therefore the skin can keep moisturizing property and flexible feature.
•Development items: Nourishing cream, Massage cream, Eye cream, Hand cream, Day cream, Night cream.

The Mask is a skin care product that makes tired skin healthy and lively by supplying moisture and nutrition to the skin. It helps
makeup prior to makeup foundation. The development of formulations using functional pack-products and many specific materials
are being made.
•Development items: Peel-off type, Wash-off type, Tissue type, Mud type, Cream type, Gel type

Cleansing is products that help keep the skin clean and remove impurities, the sebum of skin, dirt obtained from the external
environment as well as makeup residue. Cleansing is the foundation stage in makeup; therefore, all makeup is done through complete
cleansing steps. There are cleansing products with several different formulations. In recent years, there is also 2 IN 1 cleansing product
having two functions.
•Development items: Cleansing Water, Cleansing lotion, Cleansing cream, Cleansing oil, Cleansing sherbet, Cleansing tissues,
Cleansing foam, Eye Remover

ESSENCE is the formulation which is concentrated with ingredients that nourishes the skin. It has many functions such as moisturizing,
UV protection, whitening, anti-oxidation, and the anti-inflammatory effect. Also, it can provide multiple functions simultaneously. ,
•Development items: Transparent Essence, Gel Essence, Emulsion Essence

BODY belongs to all products used in the body and helps to manage the body from washing to managing the bodyline. It removes the
contamination of the skin surface and has the features such as moisturizing exfoliation ,and giving flexibility
•Development items: Body mist, Body lotion, Body butter, Body oils, Body cleanser, Foam, Bath

FOR CHILDREN are hypoallergenic products for infants and children with prescription.
•Development items: Baby lotion, Baby cream, Baby oil, Baby Bath